Valerie Reilly


...attended her first personal growth seminar in 1976 and ever since she has been on a journey of self discovery.  Since that first exposure to the power of growth and healing, she has discovered that all answers, truth and healing come from within.  Evolving over the years into a teacher, healer, and facilitator of countless seminars, her true passion developed… providing the safety, comfort, space, and opportunity, for any who may be searching, to find their own inner joy and peace.

Valerie has been co-owner and Director of Insight Awareness, a wellness and education center in the Chicago area, since 2004 and continues her journey today through her work as a Retreat Facilitator, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Zentangle Teacher, energy worker, and co developer of the Soulful Living Solutions seminars and workshops.

Valerie continues to help people from all walks of life feel at home as they shift from outer to inner awareness and looks forward to working with you on a personal level incorporating her years of knowledge and life experiences.  Spend some time with Valerie and she will share her heart and deep wisdom supporting you to shift from outer to inner awareness.