Customized Retreats

Given the speed and pace of our current lives, we often neglect the most important aspect of our lives: OURSELVES.  We run from meeting to meeting, obligation to obligation tearing through life and our to-do list as fast as we possibly can and often times find ourselves on auto-pilot.  There are times when a multi-day event is needed to step out of the fray to extract some meaning, purpose and direction. Soulful Living’s customized retreats provide an opportunity to not only take a pause from life’s frantic pace, but more importantly provide a forum to examine where are we headed, discover what’s most important to us and how to make it happen.

Our retreats are in-depth engagements that honor the expertise of the group.  We follow the concept of mining for the possibilities. Our core value lies in the art of listening to the needs and extracting the inherent wisdom to help leaders and teams get connect with their purpose and passion...and of course get the results they desire.  Whether you are a new executive team seeking to get rooted in a mission and vision, or an established team tasked with a new strategic direction; a high performing team wanting to keep the momentum going, or simply wanting to re-energize a team that has become stagnant or depleted; we look forward to hearing from you and supporting you in realizing the inherent potential of your leaders, teams and organization.

Our retreats target corporate, non-for-profit, and private organizations.

We look forward to working with you.