Our Story

Little did they know, it was an epic moment, life changing actually…

Attending a leadership program in 1992 with a personal growth organization, it was time to choose buddies (partners).  Rising to the occasion Valerie stood and began looking around the crowded room. Not knowing anyone, feeling a bit tentative and cautious, she took one step into the chaos when the sea seemed to part. From a cross the room Silvana (and her friend) came running directly to her. “Can we be your buddies (partners)?” Valerie was stunned at their determination and asked why they wanted to be her buddy (partner).  “Well, we were actually hoping you could teach us how to ‘grow a pair’ (lol)!!! We want to be as assertive and courageous as you!” Valerie reluctantly agreed, as this part of her had gotten her in a heap of trouble over the years and she was looking to ‘soften’.  Which was the perfect match! Because Silvana (and her friend) exuded softness.

And, so it began… the fates had spoken.

Ever since that program Silvana and Valerie have been soul sisters to each other and for Val the sister she had never had.  

Having their own families, careers and living on opposite sides of the Chicago area (over an hour apart), they have managed to be there for and support each other through the toughest life challenges.  Always seeing in each other the beauty and power they themselves longed to have and experience in themselves.

They have supported, encouraged and loved each other through divorce, business failures, corporate stressors, life changing challenges and gut wrenching choices.  They have traveled together to Ireland, Mexico and more. They have seen the worst in each other and the best! They have laughed till they peed their pants (lol).  And, cried till all the demons were released. They KNOW each other’s souls.

Full circle ~ July 2017 the fates spoke again…

Valerie invited Silvana to join her in Florida for a spiritual retreat she was going to attend.  It was a celebratory weekend concluding a course Valerie had participated in and could bring a friend.

Over the weekend they heard powerful messages and experienced intense processes that opened them up… cracked their facades one more time on a very deep level.  They were invited to join the facilitator for a very expensive mastermind program. But after talking in depth about it (over quite a few bottles of wine, lol) they KNEW they could, not only, put themselves through their OWN mastermind program, but they could create one!!  A clarity and excitement overcame them. It became clear this was THEIR calling.

And, so it began…

From that moment in July 2017 their personal mastermind program began.  The Universe heard their calling and delivered! Oh boy did it deliver. They were each handed life stressors like no other.  From potential relationship losses, to grown children possibly losing their jobs and families, to accidents, illnesses and more.  ALL directly supporting their OWN healing, growth and continued awakening! It was time for them to understand and experience EXACTLY who they are… Powerful Co-Creators of their lives making a difference, not only in their worlds, but in the world at large!!

What you will experience within our programs are collective life lessons, inspirations, passion and powerful healings. You will discover that your heart and soul are the ONLY ally’s you need to have the life of your dreams. And, that only YOU have the answers, only you know your path to discovering your truly joyful, peaceful and fulfilling life.  

They are ecstatic to share Soulful Living Solutions with you and look forward to seeing what the fates have in store for you!